Wednesday, June 1, 2011

T Time!

T names are hard for me but I've tried my best!

Thomas - Strong and classic.

Timothy - Classic but not too popular.

Tristan - An interseting name with a rich history behind it.

Tyler - I've loved this name ever since I saw the film Step-Up. It's maybe a bit on the trendy side but still very cool.

Ty - Can be used as a nickname for Tyler but is very cool on its own.

Taylor - Now often used for girls, this name still seems very masculine to me.

Tavish - A very cool and interesting Scottish name.

Tiernan - A strong and interesting Irish name.

Theresa - A classic name that would age well.

Teresina - An elaborate, princessy name.

Teagan/Tegan - Very spunky and strong.

Tallulah - An intersting, spunky choice.

Tamsin - A very sophisticated and upper class sounding name.

Tamsene - Pronounced (tam-ZEEN) an exotic twist on Tamsin.

Tanyella - An elaborate and exotic name.

Thalia - A very pretty name that is unusual yet familiar.

Thora - A cute, spunky name!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

S Names!

So I seem to becoming obsessed with these blogs - here's the third one today!

Sophia - This name is beautiful, classic and sophisticated.

Sarah - Classic, timeless and beautiful.

Seren - My favorite Welsh name, interesting and unusual.

Seraphina - A very feminine and elaborate name - one for brave namers.

Saskia - An interesting and exotic sounding name.

Solène - A beautiful and interesting French name.

Svetlana - I find this name very beautiful and sophisticated but I think you would need to be brave to use it in an English speaking country.

Saoirse - This is a beautiful Irish name pronounced (SEER-sha).

Selena - A mysterious and beautiful sounding name.

Siobhan - This is an Irish name (pronounced shiv-ON) which I have always sounf interesting.

Stuart - This is the first boys' name that I can ever remember liking. It is strong and masculine.

Struan - This is a very interesting Scottish name. The only problem is that it might get mixed up with Stuart.

Simon - A biblical classic that is not too popular these days.

Sebastian - A very grand sounding name - an unusual but familiar name.

Seoras - The Scottish form of George (pronounced SHAW-rus).

Shea - An interesting and cool sounding Irish name pronounced (Shay).

Sorley - An unusual and interesting Scottish name.

Stellan - An unusual and interesting name that is none the less recognisable and easy to pronounce and spell.

R names!

Ok so I've been neglaecting my blog a bit lately but now that I'm all done with Uni I will have more time for it. I promised to get this alaphabet series done months ago so I'm going to try and finish it off quickly now.

So her comes R:

Rachel - I couldn't leave this one out. It's classic, it's timeless, it's biblical and it ages well!

Ruth - This is my mum's name! It's short and sweet and as a bonus it means 'friend'.

Rebecca - feminine, classic and sophisticated.

Rosalie - this one is getting a lot of attention recently due to Twilight. It's interesting and sophisticated.

Rosemary - an old-fashioned name that is ready for a comeback. The nickname Romy is adorable.

Ramona - an interesting and unexpected choice.

Rhiannon - a beautiful and interesting Welsh name.

Roisin - a lovely Irish name pronounced (roh-sheen)

Rhys - A short and spunky name that looks and sounds very cool.

Ross - A short, simple, classic name.

Ryan - Very popular but for a good reason, it's short yet still strong sounding.

Ronan - a very cool and interesting Irish name.

Ruairidh - One of my personal faves. A strong and interesting Scottish name.

Roderick - this name isn't heard much anymore, although it's still relatively popular where I live. I think it is strong and masculine and I love the nickname Roddy.

P Names

Ok time for the next instalment in my alphabet series!

Paulina - This is one of my favorite girls names - it's beautiful, classy and sophisticated.

Phoebe - This name is beautiful and interesting. It is unusual yet familiar.

Petula - a lovely, sophisticated, old-fashioned name.

Persephone - this one is probably a bit out there for most people but it is very exotic and interesting.

Priscilla - an old-fashioned name that may be ready for a comeback.

Phillipa/Pippa - This name a nickname have a lovely old-fashioned feel and are starting to gain a bit of notice recently due to the Royal Wedding.

Patrick - This has been one of my faves for a long time - it's very strong and masculine.

Peter - Strong and classic, you can't go wrong!

Philip - Another classic, it means 'lover of horses' which is a huge bonus for me!

Paul - Strong, classic and simple!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

O names - it's been a long time coming!

O names can be very interesting and unusual - here are my favorites!

Ophelia - this is a very pretty and exotic sounding Shakespearean name.

Octavia - this name has a cool old-fashioned feel.

Ondine - this name is the name of a mythological creature, it has an exotic and magical quality.

Orla - a short, sweet and very cool name.

Océane - a beautiful and interesting French name.

Oliver - a strong and classic name.

Orrin - an intresting and unusual choice.

Oban - a Scottish place name that would make an interesting first name choice.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Italian Names!

I'm going to go about this blog a bit differently. First of all I am going to list the top 10 boys' and girls' names in Italy in 2008 (I couldn't find any more recent information).

1. Francesco
2. Alessandro
3. Andrea
4. Matteo
5. Lorenzo
6. Gabriele
7. Mattia
8. Ricardo
9. Davide
10. Luca

1. Giulia
2. Sofia
3. Martina
4. Sara
5. Chiara
6. Giorgia
7. Aurora
8. Alessia
9. Francesca
10. Alice

I love so many Italian names that coming up with a list of my favorites was really difficult, but I did manage to come up with 10 for girls and 10 for boys.

Aldo - This is a very nice, short and simple name that has a very cool sound to it.

Saviero - The Italian form of Xavier, this name has a very exotic feel to it.

Rocco - I love how strong and masculine sounding this name is.

Enzo - This name is very simple and very cool.

Arlo - Again another short and simple name with a very cool feel to it.

Dante - This name always reminds me of the author Dante. It would make a good alternative to Daniel.

Luca - As well as being popular in Italy this name is on the Scottish top 100. It is very cool and I think it would work well in an English speaking country.

Nico - This name works well on it's own and as a nickname for Nicholas.

Amadeo - This is one of the more unusual names that I like - it's meaning (love of god) makes it even better.

Matteo - This name is very interesting and cool, I think it could work in an English speaking county - It would make a good alternative to Matthew.

Dario - This is probably my favoite Italian boys' name - it is SO cool!

Gaia - This name is very pretty and interesting.

Annalisa - This name is very long and princessy.

Isabella - Although this name is of Italian origin it is used in lots of countries. It is very beautiful and feminine.

Francesca - Another lovely feminine name that fits in well with other popular names.

Caterina - This name is very feminine and pretty.

Elisa - While a lot of Italian girls' names are long and flowery, I love how simple this name is.

Alba - Another simple and sweet name that means Dawn.

Maria - Beautiful and classic.

Elena - This name is beautiful and feminine, it reminds me of Elena from the Vampire Diaries.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Time for N!

Ok, so this blog has been a long time coming but it's finally time for the letter N blog! I find the letter N quite interessting, so this blog is going to be quite long!

Nastia - This is a diminuitive of Anastasia. I first heard it on the American gymnast Nastia Liukin and I immediately thought that it was very pretty and interesting. It's similarity to the word nasty might put some people off though.

Niamh - This is a very sweet and simple Irish name, the spelling might cause some confusion but I think people would get used to it quickly.

Nia - This is a very pretty Welsh name that would make a great alternative to more popular names like Mia or Leah.

Natasha - The meaning of this name 'born on Christmas Day' would make it perfect for a Christmas baby.

Nerissa - A beautiful, unusual and exotic Shakespearean name.

Noelle - Another great option for a Christmas baby.

Nayeli - A lot of people on formspring seem to be liking this name at the moment. I think is is very pretty and interesting.

Non - A very pretty and unusual Welsh name. It's very short and sweet.

Nuria - I think this name is very pretty but I can only picture it on a Spanish girl.

Nessa - I like Nessa as a nickname for Vanessa but I think it works well on its own too.

Naya - I think the Glee actress Naya Rivera along with its similarity to Maya are likely to make this name become more popular.

Nova - A very cool and spunky name!


Nicholas - This is a classic and timeless name - I really like the nickname Nicky!

Nathaniel - I think this name is very classic and handsome.

Nico - This Italian version of Nicholas is a very cool and fresh take on an old classic.

Neil - This is a short, simple name with a lovely celtic feel.

Nairn - A Scottish place name which is only ocassionally used as a first name but which has lots of potential.

Nash - This name is very interesting and very cool.

Noah - A lovely biblical name which has recently become quite popular - still a good choice if popularity doesn't bother you.